Logline :
An arrogant young boy attempts to impress an older girl with his brand new go kart.

My Responsibilities :
+ Co-Directing
+ Animation (50%)
+ Previs & Layout
+ Partial Storyboarding
+ Sound Design
+ Story/Concept

Revved Up (2017)
Revved Up is a mini thesis film, completed in five weeks time by a team of six people and produced at the School of Visual Arts (2017).

I was one of the four co-directors and I was responsible for 50% of the films animation which I completed within 5 days.

From the beginning of the production my first responsibility was quickly creating the story/concept for the film. As soon as that was agreed upon by the team, I began working closely with my friend/fellow animator on the film to lock down a snappy and consistent storyboard. Soon after that, I jumped onto previs & layout, laying out all the cameras and environment/props, which was done very quickly as to speed up the process so we could make sure we had enough time to schedule and plan for what assets were needed, what the time frame would be like, how many shots needed to be animated, etc.

Once that was finalized, I jumped onto animation for my portion of the shots. I completed all shots within 5 days and moved onto sound design while my teammates were working on compositing the final film. This was my first real little short I got to work on so it was amazing and rewarding getting to see it all come together in the end the way we wanted it to.